Video Displays

Add one or two of our high definition LED TV's or our 100-inch projector screen to your event to showcase your Photographs and or Videos clips.


We know a lot of hard work and energy is spent into making sure your event is a successful one. Our MC will make things a little easier by personally meeting with you and any other parties involved into planning your event to ensure a stress free and successful event.

Dance Floor Lighting

Intelligent lighting, also known as dance floor lighting can help create more energy and heighten movement on the dance floor during dance sets and introductions.

Ambient Uplighting

Rebell Entertainment offers a variety of lighting to bring excitement to your event such as Ambient Room Uplighting.Wash the walls of your venue in color to match your theme or color scheme!

Custom Monogram

Create the ultimate in personalization to style your event. Project your name through light and onto the dance floor or walls of your venue

Dancing on clouds

Dancing on clouds is the ultimate dance effect for weddings or any event wanting to create a sea of cloud that will create that magical look that will really wow your guests and enhance your event.